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Trevor believes that Interior plantation shutters are the hottest trend in interior décor because they are gorgeous, stylish and incredibly functional – and as the dark winter nights draw in they are coming into their own.

As well as looking absolutely fantastic, it’s easy to see why shutters are becoming so popular, they have excellent energy saving properties because when they are closed they become a robust barrier which prevents heat escaping through windows.

Slatted shutters are also fantastic for providing privacy while not blocking out light. This makes them a popular option in front rooms and bedrooms; but we’re also seeing a massive number of consumers putting shutters in bathrooms.

Shutters can be tailored to fit both conventional and non-conventional window shapes, and colour can be matched to the customer’s requirements be it wood, stained or painted. They come in a variety of styles, such as tier on tier shutters that operate like a stable door, where one shutter sits on top of another and they open independently of each other. Bi-fold shutters are ideal for large windows as they still allow the shutters to be folded back. Full height shutters span the whole window to offer a seamless effect, while the café style option just covers the bottom half of the window where screening is required to leave the top section exposed.

Shutters are extremely versatile so whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs.

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