Blindingly obvious way to keep warm this winter

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Trevor from Pure Blinds and shutters is making a blindingly obvious claim that window blinds and shutters have a big part to play in the fight against rising energy bills over the winter period.

Trevor believes that homeowners don’t recognise the full energy-saving capabilities of window blinds and shutters because they often regard them as more decorative items and forget they are a great weapon in the fight against heat loss escaping through windows.

He is keen to point out the importance of drawing blinds and closing shutters to stop heat escaping through windows.

“I know it’s a very simple message but one that a lot of homeowners don’t always heed and it's astounding the amount of heat loss that can be prevented by diligently drawing blinds and closing shutters,” says Trevor.

“Blinds can act as an all-important physical barrier in preventing heat escaping through windows and should be drawn at every opportunity during the winter months.”

If any customers ask me about specific blinds that have enhanced energy-saving properties then I can point them to a number of different products for example:

Pleated Honeycomb blinds are a modern take on pleated blinds and have a patented double-walled honeycomb design which allows them to form air pockets that give them energy-saving properties. They can reduce the amount of heat that escapes through windows by a third during the winter and are also one of the best blackout blinds on the market, as there are no stitching holes for light to penetrate through.

Then there are Plantation Shutters which come into their own during the winter months providing privacy and excellent energy-saving properties. As well as the traditional wooden ones, there is a new collection of attractive vinyl faux wood shutters which are superb at keeping heat in.

While the focus is quite rightly on energy saving, blinds and shutters also look gorgeous with stunning fabrics and wood finishes which can set any room off a treat

For more information and advice about reducing heat loss this winter call and speak to Trevor

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