Cafe style shutters

Café-style shutters are the must-have choice in many parts of Europe and the stunning design is becoming more and more popular across Britain. Summoning thoughts of continental chic, café-style shutters will give your home a sophisticated and cosmopolitan touch. Only the lower half of a window is covered, so even when closed the design allows natural light to fill a room without losing a sense of privacy.

Panels that cover only the bottom half of the window, letting more light in and creating a lovely continental feel.

Pros: Cheaper than full height shutters and will let more light in, giving a classic feel to your home. Great choice for privacy control, and are perfect if you have windows that look directly on to pavements.

Cons: Less draught and sound proofing, more of a decorative feature.

Best for: Popular for period properties and properties in urban areas.

Cafe Style

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